AirPods Dying Fast? Here are three things you can do to replace them with price comparison.

Here are a few things you can do when your AirPods no longer hold charge like they used to - including the latest, cheapest and most sustainable option. 

(Hint: We think you'll like the third.)

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Here are three things you can do when your AirPods no longer hold charge like they used to - including the latest, cheapest and most sustainable option. (Hint: We think you'll like the third).

Option 1: Buy New AirPods through Apple

Buying new AirPods is the route that most people take when their AirPod batteries reach the end of their useful life. Buying brand new AirPods is obviously convenient, but it’s definitely not the most cost-effective solution to your dying AirPods, and certainly not the most sustainable.

Currently Apple sells brand new AirPods with a charging case for $159.99. This case does not allow you to charge wirelessly so keep that in mind if you are trying to cut the cord. Apple also sells AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case for $199.99 and this case works with most wireless charging solutions out there.

Buying brand new AirPods is not the most economical solution nor is it the most eco-friendly. Especially when we fail to consider what we'll do with our old AirPods. Not to mention you may still have a perfectly functioning AirPods charging case - which leads us onto the second option you have as a consumer.  

Option 2: Buy replacement AirPod buds through Apple

Wondering what to do with a working AirPod case but dying AirPods? Well, you can go through Apple directly and replace your AirPod buds.

If you purchased your AirPods and AppleCare+, you have already spent $149.99 for the AirPods with a Charging Case or $199.99 for the AirPods with a Wireless Charging Case plus an additional $29.99 for AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ entitles you to 2 years of protection for your AirPods. If something were to happen, battery dies quickly or AirPod wont connect, for example, Apple will replace them for $29 for EACH AirPod while within the warranty period.

If you are out of the warranty period (which you likely would be by the time you need battery replacement) it gets significantly more expensive. Replacing your AirPods regardless of whether it be first or second generation will cost you $69.99 for EACH AirPod. That comes out to a total of $139.98 to replace your AirPods out of warranty through Apple. Might as well buy a new pair.

The amount of money that it costs to replace your AirPods through Apple does not make any sense financially.

Option 3: Buy replacement AirPods and trade in your old pair with Podswap. 

Podswap is the unicorn in the AirPod worldThey've found a novel way to replace the battery on the AirPod, which is widely known to be impossible. Podswap charges a flat rate of $59.99 for two refurbished AirPods with restored battery life for in exchange for your old, dying bud or buds. 

Podswap also offers a solution to the infamous missing AirPod, single bud owners. For $89.99, Podswap will send you two AirPod buds to drop in your charging case in exchange for your one AirPod bud. Not to mention, this immediate exchange approach means no wait time - Podswap will get you back to listening to your favorite tunes as quickly as possible. 

Not only is Podswap the most affordable by a landslide, it's also incredibly sustainable. While you enjoy your new AirPod replacements, your old AirPods will have their battery replaced and live on as the replacement for another Podswap customer. Its good for the environment and doesn’t break the bank. 

Replacement Option 





Set of AirPods (R and L) with restored battery life

Apple AirPods Replacement



Double AirPod replacement out of warranty

Buying New AirPods  


New AirPods with charging case

And we would be remiss not to mention one other option if you choose you no longer what your AirPods at all, you can always return them to an Apple store for recycling. Or contact Podswap and they'll take them off your hands free of charge, and find them a new home. 

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