Trade-in, reimagined

Swap your current device for a better one

The Swap Club delivers high quality, professionally renewed tech at the best price & finds your old device a new home.

Here's how it works

Hint: It's simple

Choose Your Swap

Determine the eligibility of your current device then choose your desired swap. You can review our eligibility requirements here.

Better for you, your wallet & the planet.

When you make the swap you are contributing to a more sustainable future. Your old device is professionally renewed and delivered to another swap customer.


Time for an upgrade?

We deliver certified pre-owned iPhones with industry standard 80% or better battery life guaranteed. Phoneswap is the only pre-owned to pre-owned device exchange that leverages our unique swap model to bring you a better device in one simple and risk-free transaction.

Best Price Guaranteed

We've got the best prices for pre-owned tech. We're talking up to 70% cheaper than retail.